Pilot - October 3, 1961           Episode 1
First Season  1961-1962       Episodes 2-30

Second Season  1962-1963   Episodes 31-63 
Third Season  1963-1964      Episodes 64-96

Fourth Season  1964-1965    Episodes 97-127

Fifth Season  1965-1966      Episodes 128-158


"Dick Van Dyke And The Other Woman" CBS - April 13, 1969

"The Dick Van Dyke Show Remembered" CBS - 1995

"Inside The Dick Van Dyke Show" TVLAND - 2000

Dick Van Dyke Show pilot - October 3, 1961 

              1-"The Sick Boy and the Sitter"  
                Comedy writer Rob Petrie talks his wife Laura into 
                leaving their "sick" son Richie with a babysitter while 
                they attend a big party. Stacey Keach guest-stars. 

First Season  1961-1962 

                2-"The Meershatz Pipe" 
                Rob fears he is no longer needed when his cowriters 
                do a show without his help.

Trivia note: Mary Tyler Moore's character is named "Laurie",
It was changed to Laura later.

                Laura begins to worry when Rob has to work nights 
                with a beautiful television star. 

                4-"Sally and the Lab Technician" 
                Laura matches up her pharmacist cousin, Thomas, with 
                Rob's fireball cowriter, Sally, for a lopsided dinner 

                5-"Washington vs. the Bunny" 
                Rob is determined to go on a business trip even though 
                Laura wants him to see their son Richie "star" in a 
                school play. 

                6-"Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced" 
                While rummaging through Rob's old army equipment, 
                Rob and Laura recall that he broke her foot the night 
                they met. 

                7-"The Unwelcome Houseguest" 
                Rob reluctantly agrees to take care of Buddy's dog for 
                the weekend and creates a furor when he brings the 
                animal home. 

                8-"Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MO" 
                Rob invites an old Army pal home to dinner and begins 
                to fear he has a jewel thief on his hands. 

                9-"My Blonde-Haired Brunette" 
                Laura dyes her hair blonde when she fears the romance 
                in her marriage is fading. 

                10-"Forty-Four Tickets" 
                Rob invites 44 fellow PTA members to his television 
                show, but forgets all about it until air time. 

                11-"To Tell or Not to Tell" 
                Rob and Richie find themselves more than a little lost 
                when Laura briefly resumes her dancing career. 

                12-"Sally Is a Girl" 
                Rob is accused of being a Don Juan when he takes his 
                wife's advice and stops treating co-writer Sally as one 
                of the boys. 

                13-"Empress Carlotta's Necklace" 
                Rob proudly presents Laura with a huge, horrible 
                necklace, but she cannot bring herself to tell him that it 
                is an atrocity. Gavin MacLeod guest-stars. 

                14-"Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?" 
                After Buddy leaves "The Alan Brady Show" for a job 
                that falls through, Rob and Sally conspire to get him his 
                old job back. 

                15-"Who Owes Who What?" 
                Rob's forgotten loan turns into a forgotten debt, and a 
                television script. 

                16-"Sol and the Sponsor" 
                A fancy dinner party for Rob's television sponsor and 
                his wife is enlivened by the arrival of Rob's old Army 

                17-"The Curious Thing About Women" 
                Rob's sense of humor backfires when he decides to 
                base a television skit on Laura's penchant for opening 
                his mail. 

                18-"Punch Thy Neighbor" 
                Rob's dentist pal, Jerry, strains the friendship when he 
                starts knocking Rob's television show in public. 

                19-"Where Did I Come From?" 
                Six-year-old Richie asks his parents the inevitable 
                "Where did I come from?" question. They recall the 
                days before his birth. 

               20-"The Boarder Incident" 
                While his wife is away, Buddy moves in with the 
                Petries and quickly wears out his welcome. 

                21-"A Word a Day" 
                Richie's expanding vocabulary starts to branch out in 
                unexpected directions. William Schallert guest-stars. 

                22-"The Talented Neighborhood" 
                When his show announces a talent contest, Rob finds 
                himself besieged by the parents of neighborhood 
                prodigies. Barry Livingston guest-stars. 

                23-"Father of the Week" 
                Rob's paternal pride suffers a cruel shock when he 
                finds out that his six-year-old son is ashamed of him. 

                24-"The Twizzle" 
                Sally drags the entire production staff to a bowling 
                alley, where she unveils a new song and dance. Jack 
                Albertson guest-stars. 

                25-"One Angry Man" 
                Serving on jury duty, Rob finds himself siding with the 
                beautiful blonde defendant. 

                26-"Where You Been, Fassbinder?" 
                Romance enters Sally's life in the form of an insurance 
                salesman named Leo Fassbinder. 

                27-"The Bad Old Days" 
                Buddy convinces Rob that--like all American 
                husbands--he is being dominated by a woman. 

                28-"I Am My Brother's Keeper" 
                Rob's bashful brother arrives in town and proves to be 
                confident and outgoing only when he is sleepwalking. 
                Jerry Van Dyke guest stars. 

                29-"The Sleeping Brother" 
                Rob's talented, sleepwalking brother manages to 
                audition successfully for "The Alan Brady Show" even 
                while wide-awake. Jerry Van Dyke guest-stars. Carl 
                Reiner makes his first appearance as Alan Brady in this 

                30-"The Return of Happy Spangler" 
                Rob tries valiantly to help an old radio comedy writer 
                make a comeback. 

Second Season  1962-1963 

                31-"Never Name a Duck" 
                When one of Richie's two pet ducks dies, it seems as if 
                the Petrie family has lost one of its human members. 

                32-"The Two Faces of Rob" 
                To prove that a wife cannot always recognize her 
                husband on the telephone, Rob disguises his voice and 
                asks Laura for a date. 

                33-"Bank Book 6565696" 
                Rob is puzzled and chagrined when he finds that Laura 
                has a secret nest egg of her own. 

                34-"The Attempted Marriage" 
                A crippled jeep and a sprained ankle make Rob two 
                hours late for his own wedding. 

                35-"Hustling the Hustler" 
                Rob has an evening of high adventure with a veteran 
                pool shark who pretends he can't play the game. 

                36-"What's in a Middle Name?" 
                Rob has some explaining to do when son Richie learns 
                that his middle name is Rosebud. 

                37-"My Husband Is Not a Drunk" 
                Rob Petrie suffers from a post-hypnotic suggestion 
                meant for someone else, and it causes mayhem at work 

                38-"Like a Sister" 
                A handsome balladeer brings romance into Sally's life. 

                39-"The Night the Roof Fell In" 
                Rob walks out of the house following a spat with Laura 
                after a tiring day for the both of them. 

                40-"The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally" 
                Rob suspects cowriters Buddy and Sally of carrying on 
                a clandestine romance. 

                41-"A Bird in the Head Hurts" 
                Richie runs into the house screaming that he has been 
                pecked on the head by a giant woodpecker. 

                42-"Gesundheit, Darling" 
                Rob begins to fear he is allergic to his own family when 
                proximity to Laura and Richie starts him sneezing. 

                43-"A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own" 
                Rob feels that he has betrayed his dentist friend, Jerry 
                Helper, when he lets another dentist work on his teeth. 

                44-"Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra" 
                Rob directs an amateur theatrical in which rehearsals 
                are dogged by controversy over the casting of a key 

                45-"The Cat Burglar" 
                A phantom burglar pillages the Petrie home, but the 
                police are baffled as to how he did it. 

                46-"The Foul-Weather Girl" 
                Laura sees a singing weather girl as a threat to her 

                47-"Will You Two Be My Wife?" 
                Rob is slapped, kicked, and screamed at--among 
                other things--by the girl he left behind when he entered 
                the Army. 

                48-"Ray Murdock's X-Ray" 
                Rob finds himself in hot water after giving a television 
                interview in which he unwittingly portrays his wife 
                Laura as a nut. 

                49-"I Was a Teenage Head Writer" 
                An office crisis sets Rob to reminiscing about his hectic 
                early days as a comedy writer. 

                50-"My Husband Is a Check-Grabber" 
                Laura tries to break Rob of his expensive habit of 
                picking up the check. 

                51-"It May Look Like a Walnut" 
                Under the influence of science fiction, Rob fears that a 
                walnut will steal his imagination and his thumbs. Danny 
                Thomas guest-stars. 

                52-"Don't Trip Over That Mountain" 
                To his great regret, Rob ignores Laura's warning to 
                stay off the big slopes on his first skiing excursion. 

                53-"Give Me Your Walls!" 
                When Rob's living room needs a paint job, he hires a 
                colorful master painter of Rome, Florence, and 

                54-"The Sam Pomerantz Scandals" 
                Rob, Laura and the office gang put together a variety 
                show to help out an old friend. 

                55-"I'm No Henry Walden!" 
                Rob finds himself very out of place at a dinner party for 
                celebrated literati. Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                56-"The Square Triangle" 
                French singing idol Jacques Savon, who has played a 
                curious part in both Rob's and Laura's past, suddenly 

                57-"Racy Tracy Rattigan" 
                A romantic British film star arouses Rob's ire by his 
                attention to Laura. Richard Dawson guest-stars. 

                Rob finds himself caught in the middle after Buddy 
                announces he is going to divorce Pickles. 

                59-"It's a Shame She Married Me" 
                Rob suffers pangs of jealousy when Laura meets a 
                successful old flame. Robert Vaughn guest-stars. 
                60-"A Surprise Surprise Is a Surprise" 
                Laura despairs when husband Rob learns of her 
                elaborate plans to throw a surprise party for him. 

                61-"Jilting the Jilter" 
                Sally gets a marriage proposal from an opportunistic 
                comedian who wants her to write his material. 

                62-"When a Bowling Pin Talks, Listen" 
                Rob finds himself in hot water after inadvertently lifting 
                a comedy idea from another show. Carl Reiner 

                63-"All About Eavesdropping" 
                Through Richie's toy intercom, Rob and Laura tune in 
                on a conversation at the Helpers' and almost lose two 

Third Season  1963-1964 

                64-"That's My Boy?" 
                Rob recalls the hectic days after Richie was born, 
                when he was sure the hospital had given him and Laura 
                the wrong baby. 

                65-"The Masterpiece" 
                Rob and Laura return home from an auction with two 
                mysterious objects d'art. 

                66-"Laura's Little Lie" 
                Complications arise when Laura confesses to Rob that 
                she lied about her age on their marriage certificate. 

                67-"Very Old Shoes, Very Old Rice" 
                Rob and Laura learn they are not legally married and 
                make plans to elope. 

                68-"Uncle George" 
                Rob's Uncle George arrives in town and asks his 
                nephew to find him a wife. 

                69-"Too Many Stars" 
                Rob finds he has "too many stars" on his hands when 
                he tries to direct a show for the Parents' Council. 

                70-"Who and Where Was Antonio Stradivarius?" 
                Rob finds himself at a party in a strange town, swaying 
                to the bossa nova with a breathless young woman who 
                adores him. 

                71-"Big Max Calvada" 
                An underworld figure involves Rob, Sally, and Buddy 
                in an unusual writing assignment. Jack Larson 

                72-"The Ballad of the Betty Lou" 
                Rob and Jerry invest in a sailboat and find they have 
                embarked on a disastrous venture. 

                73-"Turtles, Ties and Toreadors" 
                Rob feels like a hero when he hires a maid for his 
                overworked wife, Laura. 

                74-"The Sound of the Trumpets of Conscience 
                Falls Deafly on a Brain That Holds Its Ears...or 
                Something Like That!" 
                Rob thinks he has witnessed two crooks running from 
                the scene of a crime. 

                75-"The Third One From The Left" 
                A young chorus girl on "The Alan Brady Show" falls 
                desperately in love with Rob. 

                76-"The Alan Brady Show Presents" 
                The entire Alan Brady staff presents a Christmas show 
                instead of the script turned in by the show's writers. 
                Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                77-"My Husband Is the Best One" 
                Rob gets into trouble at work after Laura interferes in 
                an interview he is giving on Alan Brady. 

                78-"Happy Birthday and Too Many More" 
                When Laura and Rob give Richie a birthday party, 63 
                screaming moppets make a shambles of the Petrie 

                79-"The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer" 
                When a handsome bachelor, Arthur Stanwyck, moves 
                in next door, Rob and Laura become matchmakers. 

               80-"The Life and Love of Joe Coogan" 
                Laura meets her old love, a young man who has 
                entered the priesthood. 

                81-"A Nice Friendly Game of Cards" 
                Inadvertently using a deck of marked cards, Rob wins 
                at poker and almost loses a few friends. Ed Platt 

                82-"The Brave and the Backache" 
                Rob consults a psychiatrist to determine whether a 
                series of mysterious ailments is psychosomatic. Ken 
                Berry guest-stars. 

                83-"The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth" 
                Rob and Buddy find themselves overworked and 
                overwrought when Sally becomes a television 
                personality overnight. 

                84-"My Part-Time Wife" 
                When Laura fills in for Sally at the office, she does such 
                a perfect job that Rob almost loses his mind. 

                85-"Honeymoons Are for the Lucky" 
                Rob recalls the hectic time of his Army marriage to 
                Laura, and the difficulty in obtaining a three-day pass 
                for their honeymoon. 

                86-"How to Spank a Star" 
                At the insistence of a domineering guest star, Rob 
                takes over as producer of "The Alan Brady Show." 

                87-"The Plots Thicken" 
                A family crisis develops when Rob's and Laura's 
                parents compete to get the couple committed to their 
                respective cemetery plots. 

                88-"Scratch My Car and Die" 
                A scratch on Rob's new car causes a domestic crisis at 
                the Petrie house. 

                89-"The Return of Edwin Carp" 
                Rob rounds up three notable personalities from the old 
                days of radio for an Alan Brady "special." 

                90-"October Eve" 
                A painting of Laura returns to haunt her. Although she 
                posed fully clothed, the artist took the liberty of 
                "undraping" her. 

                91-"Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail" 
                When Rob looks up an old Army buddy at a 
                honky-tonk nitery, the result is a confusion-packed 
                night that finally lands him in jail.  

                92-"My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life" 
                Rob and Laura suspect the worst when they spy their 
                friend Jerry Helper dining out with a beautiful blonde. 

                93-"I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at 
                Rob thinks he's going bald and tries a barber's secret 
                recipe which consists of ingredients usually reserved for 
                a salad. 

                94-"Teacher's Petrie" 
                Rob is skeptical when Laura's new writing teacher 
                thinks she shows promise. 

                95-"My Two Showoffs and Me" 
                The prospect of being the subjects in a national 
                magazine story brings out the egotistical worst in Rob, 
                Sally, and Buddy. 

Fourth Season  1964-1965 

                96-"My Mother Can Beat Up My Father" 
                Laura proves herself more proficient than Rob in the 
                art of self-defense. Guest star: Ken Berry. 

                97- "Ghost of A. Chantz" 
                Rob, Laura, Sally, and Buddy spend a frightening night 
                in a haunted cabin at a mountain resort. 

                98-"The Lady and the Babysitter" 
                Rob and Laura are unaware that their teenage 
                babysitter has a crush on Laura. 

                99-"The Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat" 
                Rob's friendship with Jerry is almost destroyed in a 
                row over a neighbor's crabgrass lawn. 

               100-"The Man From Emperor" 
                When Rob is offered a job as humor consultant on a 
                magazine for men-about-town, he runs into misgivings 
                from Laura. 

                101-"Romance, Roses and Rye Bread" 
                Sally is romanced by a secret admirer--the owner of 
                Monker's Delicatessen. 

                102-"4 1/2" 
                Rob and Laura are on their way to see Laura's 
                obstetrician when they are trapped in a stalled elevator 
                with a hold-up man. Don Rickles guest-stars. 

                103-"The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail" 
                The Alan Brady writers entertain at a prison and Rob 
                gets locked up with the inmates. Don Rickles 

                104-"Three Letters From One Wife" 
                Rob risks his job when he convinces Alan Brady to do 
                a cultural documentary program. Carl Reiner 

                105-"It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise" 
                The Brady writers press for higher salaries and find 
                themselves tangled in a maze of interlocking 

                106-"Pink Pills for Purple Patients" 
                Laura takes two pink pills and suffers disastrous side 

                107-"The Death of the Party" 
                Rob struggles through a party for Laura's relatives 
                rather than admit he is sick as a dog. 

                108-"Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk" 
                Rob is forced to squelch the scheme of an 
                opportunistic old friend. 

                109-"The Impractical Joke" 
                Rob resorts to psychological warfare to get even with a 
                practical joker. 

                110-"Brother, Can You Spare $2500?" 
                Rob receives a ransom demand of $2500 for his lost 
                television script. 

                111-"Stacey Petrie - Part I" 
                Rob's younger brother becomes romantically involved 
                with Sally. 

                112-"Stacey Petrie - Part II" 
                Stacey Petrie tries to save his new coffeehouse from 
                closing and his romance from ending. Carl Reiner 

                113-"The Redcoats Are Coming" 
                The Petries are invaded by a horde of teenagers when 
                they entertain two British rock-and-roll idols. 

                114-"Boy #1 Versus Boy #2" 
                Laura and Millie become unbearable stage mothers 
                when their sons are cast in a television commercial. 

                115-"The Case of the Pillow" 
                Rob becomes a trial lawyer to prosecute a shifty 
                salesman. Ed Begley guest-stars. 

                116-"Young Man With a Shoehorn" 
                When he invests in a shoe store, Rob learns that a shoe 
                clerk's lot is not always a happy one. 

                117-"Girls Will Be Boys" 
                The Petries face a problem when Richie is beaten up 
                by a pretty little girl who loves him. 

                Rob learns that a song he wrote with an old buddy is 
                about to be a hit, and he starts a fight over authorship 

                119-"Your Home Sweet Home Is My Home" 
                Rob recalls the time he and his best friend tried to buy 
                the same house. 
                 120-"Not Now, Anthony Stone" 
                Sally's new tall, dark and handsome boyfriend is 
                secretive about what he does for a living. 

                121-"Never Bathe on Saturday" 
                The Petries' romantic second honeymoon becomes a 
                disaster when Laura's toe gets caught in a bath spout. 

                122-"100 Terrible Hours" 
                Rob recalls his job interview with Alan Brady near the 
                end of an arduous keep-awake marathon. 

                123-"A Show of Hands" 
                Just before they are due at a formal banquet, Rob and 
                Laura accidentally dye their hands an indelible black. 

                124-"Baby Fat" 
                Rob helps Alan Brady by rewriting a play starring the 
                comic. Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                125-"Br-room, Br-room" 
                Rob buys a motorcycle and is arrested as a joy-riding 
                delinquent the first time out. 

                126-"There's No Sale Like Wholesale" 
                Rob and Laura learn that buying a fur coat wholesale 
                can be trouble when their "connection" is Buddy 

                127-"A Farewell to Writing" 
                Rob sets out to write a book during his vacation, but 
                has trouble getting started. 

Fifth Season  1965-1966 

                128-"Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth" 
                Laura blurts out a top secret on a national television 
                quiz show--that comedian Alan Brady wears a toupee. 
                Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                129-"Uhny Uftz" 
                Rob sees a flying saucer and tracks it to its lair--the 
                office above his own. 

                130-"The Ugliest Dog in the World" 
                Rob and Laura try to find a permanent home for an 
                ugly little mutt from the dog pound. 

                131-"No Rice at My Wedding" 
                Rob and Laura recall their courtship days, when Rob 
                almost lost Laura to another man. 

                132-"Draw Me a Pear" 
                Rob and Laura enroll in an art class--and the beautiful 
                instructress has designs on Rob. 

                133-"The Great Petrie Fortune" 
                Rob's dreams of inheriting a fortune are dashed until he 
                realizes the intangible worth of an old photograph. 

                134-"Odd But True" 
                Rob is offered $500 because the freckles on his back 
                are in the shape of the Liberty Bell. 

                135-"Viva Petrie" 
                Rob and Laura have an unusual houseguest, a 
                bullfighter named Manuel who installs himself as a 

                136-"Go Tell the Birds and the Bees" 
                When Richie spins a few fantastic stories for his 
                friends, his parents wind up in the school psychologist's 

                137-"Body and Sol" 
                Rob recalls the time he defended his title as 
                middleweight champion of the Army camp. 

                138-"See Rob Write--Write, Rob, Write" 
                Rob and Laura become rivals when each writes a story 
                for children. 

                139-"You're Under Arrest" 
                Rob goes out to cool off after a quarrel with Laura and 
                winds up in trouble with the law. 

               140-"Fifty-two Forty-five or Work" 
                Rob recalls the time he was out of work with a new 
                home, no furniture, and a pregnant wife. James 
                Frawley guest-stars. 

                141-"Who Stole My Watch?" 
                Rob loses his friends as well as his watch when the 
                friends learn they're all under suspicion. 

                142-"Bad Reception in Albany" 
                While out of town for a cousin's wedding, Rob has to 
                locate a television set to watch a special show. He 
                wears a tuxedo with fur lapels for the occasion. 

                143-"I Do Not Choose to Run" 
                Rob can't make up his mind when asked to be a 
                candidate for the city council. Arte Johnson 

                144-"The Making of a Councilman" 
                Rob agrees to run for office but realizes he'd prefer to 
                vote for his brainy opponent. 

                145-"The Curse of the Petrie People" 
                Rob's parents give a family heirloom piece of jewelry 
                to Laura, who accidentally drops it in the garbage 

                146-"The Bottom of Mel Cooley's Heart" 
                When Mel Cooley takes Rob's advice and stands up 
                to Alan Brady, he is promptly fired. Carl Reiner 

                147-"Remember the Alimony" 
                Rob and Laura recall the time they filled in an 
                application for a $10 divorce. Bernie Kopell 

                148-"Dear Sally Rogers" 
                Sally advertises for a husband on a national television 
                show as a gag and is flooded with fan mail. 

                149-"Buddy Sorrell--Man and Boy" 
                Symptoms and evidence indicate that Buddy is either 
                seeing a psychiatrist or having an affair, 
                when in fact he is merely preparing for 
                his belated Bar Mitzvah. 

                150-"Long Night's Journey Into Day" 
                Laura spends a harrowing night alone in the house 
                when the rest of the family goes off on a fishing trip. 

                151-"Talk to the Snail" 
                Believing that comedian Alan Brady plans to cut down 
                his writing staff, Rob applies for a job with a 

                152-"A Day in the Life of Alan Brady" 
                The Petries' anniversary party for the Helpers turns into 
                a television documentary for Alan Brady. Carl Reiner 

                153-"Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc." 
                Rob and his writers are in big trouble for adding insults 
                to an Alan Brady script. Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                154-"The Man From My Uncle" 
                The Petrie home becomes a command post when 
                government agents put a neighbor's home under 

                155-"You Ought to Be in Pictures" 
                Rob is cast opposite a gorgeous Italian actress in a 
                low-budget film and turns out to be the screen's worst 

                156-"Love Thy Other Neighbor" 
                Rob and Laura are dismayed by Millie Helper's 
                jealousy of their new neighbors. 

                157-"The Last Chapter" 
                Rob's autobiography conjures up scenes from the past 
                and leads Alan Brady to buy the book for a television 
                series. Carl Reiner guest-stars. 

                158-"The Gunslinger" 
                The Petries and their friends are transported to the 
                Wild West when Rob dreams he is a frontier sheriff. 
                Carl Reiner guest-stars.